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Grundfos ALPHA2 Series

  • Grundfos ALPHA2 is versatile and efficient whether you use one of its seven speed or pressure control settings or simply leave it on the factory setting AUTOADAPT™. The ALPHA2 with its ECM motor design reduces energy consumption by 50%, and in AUTOADAPT mode, will automatically analyze the heating system, find the optimum setting, continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand, and reduce power consumption by up to 85% ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.
  • Simple push-button control enables the ALPHA2 to be programmed in one of 3-constant speed, 3-constant pressure, or AUTOADAPT control modes. The current operating mode is always visible on the ALPHA2’s LED display
  • The large LED display shows the current energy consumption in Watts and estimated flow in gallons per minute
  • For installation, you have the flexibility to use either our unique ALPHA Plug with line cord or the ALPHA2 with a terminal box for conduit connections
  • ALPHA2 is complete with an integrated check-valve, foam insulation jacket for CI only, and nut captures for flanges. ALPHA2 comes in both cast iron and stainless steel models
  •  Robust startup enables the ALPHA2 to continuously attempt to restart – indefinitely – in blocked rotor conditions
  • ALPHA2 can be used as a replacement for more than 30 competitor pump models KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS The Grundfos ALPHA2 circulator and AUTOADAPT are predicated on:
    •  65 years of hydronic experience of how pumps work in countless applications and operating environments
    •  15 years of ECM motor experience in the market
    •  ALPHA2 materials and design resist blockage from magnetite and iron oxide particles found in closed hydronic systems
    •  ALPHA2 is made at our Grundfos manufacturing plant in Fresno, California

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