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CRE Pump (5-2)

Grundfos CRE Vertical Multistage with Integrated Drive Series

  • The Grundfos CRE represents the union of the well known Grundfos CR and variable speed MLE motors developed by Grundfos with optimum electronic control in mind. The CRE features a pump and motor with an integrated variable frequency drive, controller and sensor.
  • When you choose the optimized CRE pump, you will not only be rewarded with superior reliability and impeccable performance. As part of the Grundfos iSOLUTIONs program, the pump also represents the ultimate in intelligent control and energy efficiency. The new MLE motor goes far beyond what regulations require in terms of energy efficiency just as the advanced built-in control system makes it possible to enable application-related functions to optimize system performance.
  • The CRE is available with built-in sensor and pre-configured to constant pressure for complete plug-n-pump in the installation. Additionally, the CRE is now suitable for installations in more applications due to increased permissible ambient temperature and lower noise level.