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Grundfos Delta HCU NBSE Systems Lookup and Selector

General Equipment Description

The Grundfos DELTA HCU NBS(E) systems are integrated packaged pumping systems that offers an easier, less costly and more efficient alternative to field-built systems in HVAC applications. Pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested, this system includes pumps, motors, controls, VFDs and more for easier installation and commissioning, and unrivaled performance. Using intelligent controls and smaller pumps, the DELTA HCU NBS(E) harnesses the power of parallel pumping for greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency in ever-changing load conditions. This reduces energy consumption by more than 18% comparted to other VFD HVAC systems, providing substantial cost savings in the long run.

Pump systems are currently available in Duplex (2), Triplex (3), Quadplex (4), and Pentaplex (5) N+1 configurations. Customizations are available but will require additional time to coordinate. See the product lookup or selector below for available options.

Grundfos - Delta HCU NBSE