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Technical Documentation

Grundfos - Suction Diffuser-Small

Grundfos - Suction Diffusers - Product Table


  • Provides a uniform flow pattern to the suction side of the pump, which ensures a stable NPSH
  • Incorporates a cylindrical strainer preventing impurities from entering the pump.
  • Comes with a disposable, fine mesh, stainless steel start-up screen for capture and removal of foreign particulates in system piping.
  • Provides flexibility through an adjustable support for mounting.
  • Simplifies dismantling and servicing. Internal parts, such as a strainer, can be easily removed, cleaned, and/or replaced.


Technical Data

  ANSI 125 ANSI 250
Pumped Liquid Water` Water
Max. Pressure 175 PSI 250 PSI
Max. Liquid Temperature 150°F 248°F
Test Pressure 265 PSI 426 PSI